Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day 138: Game Day

I'm always gearing up for the game, trying to 'budget' accordingly. Though I know I won't go OFF the diet, I do know I'll eat more than usual, it's inevitable. I found that if you're only eating the right kind of foods, if you eat a little too much of them, it's not so bad. There was also another full-out walk with the Domania gang, and it was a hot day. We are using our best guesses to estimate the length of the walk and so far we guessing it's over 2 miles. If anyone ever told me I was going to willfully walk two miles twice a week, I would have told them they were nuts. Real nuts, cashews, like. I mean, that's crazy. Also, it may be coincidental but I notice that when I walk on poker days I do better. As it was, I was the big winner.

2 Strips TB
2 Eggs Over Easy

1/4 Mixed Unsalted Nuts
6 oz Lite Strawberry Yogurt

Sashimi (2 pieces octopus, 2 whitefish, 2 salmon, 2 tuna)
Miso Soup

Poker Snack
~ 2 cups mixed unsalted nuts
6 oz Jalapeno Lite Cheddar

Steak Tips
Swedish Meatballs
Salad with Fat-Free Red Wine & Vinegar Dressing

Through consensus, the poker game's diet has changed quite a bit. We have all but abandoned the surfeit of corn chips and potato chips that lined the halls in favor of cheese and nuts. We've abandoned subs and pizza for meat and salad. And for with a few bottles of exception, beer and snapple have gone away and been replaced with diet coke and water. The gambling and cigar smoking is about all that's left. I must say also that though I do not get the RDA amount of required sleep on a game night, since I've been on the diet I NEVER feel bad in the morning the way I used to. My head was so heavy, and my body was so sluggish, it would often take a sugar shock to get me going—hostess lemon pies, and a large coffee, or dunkin donuts, or some awful thing.

BLOG EXTRA---> Just take a look, if you will, at my diet from a night at the poker game from the year 2001 (I have used my memory, this was not written down at the time for obvious reasons). You will not believe it, but this is what I ate in one night. I've looked over it and I can't believe it myself.

1 Beer (Miller Genuine Draft)
1 Bottle Snapple Tea

Poker Snacks:
4 oz Funyons
4 oz Doritos 3Ds
2 oz Fritos
1.5 cups Sweet and Crunchy Nuts (these are sugar coated, deep-fried peanuts)
3 Bonbel Baby Cheeses

Poker Dinner:
1-2 Buffalo Chicken Fingers with Blue Cheese
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
Chili Cheese French Fries

1 Chocolate Taco or 2 Dove Bar Minis

You could see why I gained 40 lbs over the years, not to why I suffered through multiple nights of chronic heartburn. If you're out there contemplating a change in your life, I bet you're not as bad off as I was then. All I can say is I'm glad I changed my ways, and my ability to get up in the morning tells the whole story.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing isn't much better you feel when you are in control. I'm so proud of you. If only I could figure out how to become a real blogger! Love, MOM