Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 134: Detecto Says 196.5

There were so many possible titles for this blog-post. There was "I heart exercise", "Looks like we made it" or "Dr. Parent + SouthBeach = True Love" or "Will Sweat for Food." Finally, I had to go with the classic, that readers have come to expect. What Did Detecto Say? It said— "you can smell your goal from here." Though I think it's safe to say that I have achieved my goal—the loss of 30 lbs— I still have a half a pound to go—and that's just 10 days from Ruby's birthday. With continued adherence to SoBe, and exercise, I should make it handily. It's surprising—I thought I'd be squeaking by, but now I feel that I might even want to concentrate on my 'lifetime goal' of getting to 185 lbs. No time frame yet.

I want to take a moment and thank everybody that helped me get here: My wife Emily, of course, Dr. Jennifer Parent, my Doctor, Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of the South Beach diet, the gang at Domania for continuing to walk at a slow pace, and my supportive friends and extended family. To Aileen, my original SoBe partner, for whom I started the blog to share the day's events with. To my brother and sisters (in law) who get sent the blog every night so I can check in with them. Special mention to my mom, who never gets tired of posting anonymously to the blog. And of course a thanks to all my readers. I can only hope that people are as inspired by my as I am when someone says "I read your blog." So thanks.

1 Mastemacher Bread (http://www.germandeli.com/084213000750.html)
1 Tsp Peanut Butter
1 oz Chocolate Yogurt (see, I was feeling lucky this AM)

1/4 cup mixed, unsalted nuts
6 oz lite yogurt
1/2 cup strawberries
30 pistachios
12 oz coffee

Greek Salad with Beef

Loc Lac (Pho Pasteur)
Some Catfish
Salad Cambodien
1/2 Grilled Beef Stick

As a reward for losing just about 30 lbs, I had a bite of Ruby's chicken finger, and a french fry. It was more a symbolic celebration but it meant something to me. (It also shows my solidarity with the French). Emily says I didn't go on a diet I changed my life. And I guess that's true. Because the truth is I didn't like the life that featured the 226lb me. Even then I was thinking "how can I can be this heavy?" There is a kind of a resignation—a helplessness that comes out of your pores, threatening to obfuscate everything you are. When you are fed up, you can make the decision as I did not to be a slave to the resignation. That you will take a stand and change your behavior. You can only succeed when you are as excited about the change you are making as the goal you are seeking. When you broadcast that goal, it seems, people will help you get to where you have to go. I really can't say enough about how people metaphorically held the door open for me. Really, I want to thank you all. Now get out of the way so I can eat some dark chocolate for a real celebration...


Anonymous said...


Sign me,
Pleased as Punch in New Hampshire


Anonymous said...

Me too! Also pleased as Punch, this however in New York. You've done a fabulous job and have given Ruby the very best present she could have...a healthier and more fit dad. (I did win the eBay bid!) Love, MOM

Don in CA said...

Way to go, Robert!!!!!!

Don in CA said...

Way to go, Robert!!!!!!

Caitlin said...

Awesome news...Congratulations!!! I finally decided to bite the bullet...LaLa and I are literally on day one of SoBe today. You are quite an inspiration :)