Wednesday, July 20, 2005

142: The Day after Nutopia

Yesterday I ate my weight in cashews, so today I vowed (well, vow is a strong word) not to eat any nuts at all. In fact, I started my day with peanut butter and succumbed to some almonds at around 5:45. But it was an important first step. Also, I believe I confirm that I do feel bad when I get to Wed. and I have not walked or exercised at all. Tomorrow sure to be another scorcher but I do believe I will work out on both Thurs and Friday as I have both days off. In the meanwhile Emily and I have been discussing what kind of food we'll need to feed adults who bring kids to Ruby's party. Emily wanted "honey-stung drummies" and I, of course, vote for deep-fried twinkies, but we'll probably split the difference and get a large greek salad.

1 Slice Mastemacher bread
1 tsp peanut butter
3 Blackberries

7 Apricots
1 Strawberry
1 Granny Smith Apple
20 Almonds

4 Roll Mops (Ham, Turkey, Low-Fat Mozzarella)
1 Head of Romaine Lettuce

Bok-Choy Chicken a la Em
~5 Slices Salami
1 oz Pepper Jack (not reduced fat)

Can't decide whether to weigh in tomorrow or just keep to the schedule, or take a few weeks off from detecto and then return. The questions weigh heavily on my head so rather than make an intelligent decision I might just to leave it to whether or not I can get Ruby off to school and into my Dr.'s office at a reasonable time to get it done. I wanted to bring them a big nut platter of thanks, but as of this writing I have not been able to make it happen. Sure, I could send chocolate, but they don't want that, do they? They're an office of healthy women. OK, maybe they do want chocolate, but I think it sends the wrong message. Well, the gift is right but the thought needs more work...

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Anonymous said...

Missed you last night. I think a gift is a wonderful idea. There is always fruit or flowers for the really diet conscious office staff. Can't wait to see you all...whatever your serving for the party! Love, MOM