Monday, July 04, 2005

127: Independence From The British, plus Red White and Blue Cupcakes

Every day I get up I am determined to make a good go of everything—parenting, dieting, partnering, living. Sometimes the days get the best of you, and sometimes they don't. Today being the 4th of July—a day infused with much meaning for many, but always a day growing up I chose to hide on—I thought it especially important to make it a good SoBe diet day. I began by trying a new breakfast (with Plain Yogurt) and took mightily to the swimming pool. I don't have Detecto for another week, and it is, that will be last weigh-in prior to Ruby's birthday (I might sneak one prior if the news is not good). At the pool of a few friends, I exchanged notes about someone else who was on the South Beach diet, and I discussed with another pool guest who was accustomed to eating two bananas in the morning and wondering why he was so hungry. I had to explain to him that bananas have the highest glycemic index of nearly any fruit—and he is doubly spiking his sugar levels, it's no wonder he feels hungry. They asked "are you hungry all the time?" South Beach says "eat till you are not hungry any more." My answer, though was "Yes, I am hungry all the time." Actually, this was quite a interesting answer in retrospect, because one of the rarest feelings I had during my seven years of hogginess was hunger.

Plain Yogurt (6 oz)
1/4 cup Almonds
7 Dried Apricots
1/2 cup VERY QUESTIONABLE strawberries

1 Granny Smith Apple
1 oz Lite Jalapeno Cheddar
1/4 Cup Mixed, Unsalted Nuts
12 oz coke zero
1 Cheese Stick

1 Cheese Burger
1 Sausage
1 Hot Dog
6 or 7 Pickles

Steak Tips

Emily found a pair of shorts of mine. As with every piece of clothing that we ever discover, she asked whether I wanted to "try them on." Amazingly, I did. I realize now that no piece of clothes in this house will ever daunt me again. That was a good feeling. And made me feel good that I was able to transport an Independence Cup Cake home for Ruby to eat—and I never even licked my frosting-laden fingers.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, Robert---this late in life? You are still a kid!!!!!