Sunday, July 03, 2005

125: It's Hard

Compared to days at work, days spent at home are harder, but compared to days at home, days on the road are harder still. Today I went to check out my brother's new house and though there wasn't much in the way of tempation, I almost felt like I forgot what I had eaten throughout the day. Spent a lot of time outside, but not necessarily sweating. It was a big cheese day.

2 Strips Louis Rich/Oscar Meyer TB
2 Eggs (got it right)
1 oz Jalapeno Lite Cheddar

1 Joy Stick
1 6 oz yogurt
1 oz Jalapeno Lite Cheddar

Greek Salad with Chicken
Cheese of Two Slices of Pizza

Rainbow Trout a la Emily
Stir-Fry Cabbage

An unremarkable day all around. Tomorrow I am hoping to get to the gym, and maybe the pool (both).

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Anonymous said...

Bad news, Robert! Swimming apparently does nothing to promote weight loss---although it's great aerobic exercise. Why no weight loss in the pool? I don't know...maybe we need to look into it. Good luck! Love your blogging.....Don