Friday, July 01, 2005

Day 124: More Walking

Though I have had a long run of good luck, I have been struggling this week. Struggling to not eat, and even struggling to exercise. The Domania Gang did go out on three walks (which is excellent), even if the last one was the 'abridged' walk (the older, shorter route). I did get a lesson in stride today—that is, how to take longer steps so you cover more ground with equal effort. I could tell I was using different muscles and I definitely worked up a sweat. Already planning my trip to the gym for this weekend, and maybe I'll get Ruby out on the tennis court. Today, and several times this week I had to literally restrain myself from eating. And I may never, ever lose my spare tire unless I go to body shaping class. I'm ready for a lot of things, but not that just yet. Again, I have learned an important lesson during the past 124 days: that you can often mislead yourself into thinking that you can't get ever get to point 'c' from point a, and so the effort is wasted and worthless. But if you just begin something, you all of sudden get a new vantage point—and that is that you CAN see point c from point b, which you can easily get to from point a. So it's all in your perspective, and sometimes you may think you have some when you don't.

2 Eggs (I was going to get the digital camera out, a yolky mess, and a shame)
2 strips T-bacon
1 oz jalapeno cheddar 'lite'

15 Almonds
12 oz coffee (half decaf)
1 granny smitih apple

Greek Salad with Chicken

Eaten in the supermarket:
about 1/4 cup mixed unsalted nuts (poured too much in to close the container, had to eat the extra).

South Beach Flank Steak a la Emily
Broccoli, Cauliflower
1 oz jalapeno cheddar 'lite', 2 slices goat gouda.

It's three weeks to Ruby's birthday. I should control myself better than to eat slop-nuts in the supermarket. It's going to be a really hard home stretch here.

Emily has gone from dubious partner, to supportive partner to diet-partner. She is really doing great, and we are able to swap sob stories, which is comforting. We may take to watching commercials for Newman O's on TV, just so can we exposed to it in a non-dangerous fashion. We are experimenting with different kinds of teas to drink at night, for 'dessert.' She summed it up best when she said 'drinking tea for dessert is stupid.'

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