Friday, July 22, 2005

145: Deadline

Everyone already knows that I lost 30 lbs, but Emily gave me a 30-lb barbell for my birthday so ostensibly we could both appreciate what a feat that really is. And you know, it made me think of that old playground teaser, "what's heavier, a ton of bricks or a ton feathers?" I couldn't believe it when I lifted up that barbell—I couldn't do it with one hand. Really amazing. It is from this point that I begin to try and make other long-overdue changes in my life. Today, after a particularly grueling workout (3 miles today was MUCH harder after a night of white sugar, starch, flour and dairy), I went from the elliptical to the track. I was thinking to myself "I don't want to walk on the track", but when I actually did I got like a "whoosh" feeling of actually doing it. It made me realize that you do have to fight through that initial hesitation because the 'high' of success is so worthwhile. To say "I did it" instead of "I couldn't do it" or "I didn't even try" makes a life worth living.

1 Slice Mastemacher Bread
1 oz 50% Lite Cheddar
1 Tsp Peanut Butter

2 6oz Lite "Yoplait" Yogurts

Lunch (@ the Rain-forest Cafe)
House Salad with Balsamic
2 Lettuce Wraps (with Chicken)

Afternoon Snack
1/4 cup nuts

Salmon with Black Bean Sauce
Beef Teriyaki
Eggplant with Garlic
Sirloin with Jade Broccoli

Today I was determined to get back on the SoBe. In fact, today I felt like I was off my oxygen tank. I had to get back on just to get back with my life. I am determined to never be more than 200lbs again—ever. And it looks like this might take a bit of concentration and lot more effort to get safely into the 180s.

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Anonymous said...

From the Shereton: It was a great dinner. I just want to underscore how terrific it is that you have added exercise to your life.... and as well to applaud the amazing job you have done with SoBe. Can't wait to see the 30lb bar bell. Love, MOM