Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day 129

It's so late now and the only reason to write this entry is to note that this is the first time I ever went to the gym at night. Yessiree bob, at 8:45 I suited up and skeedaddled over to the elliptical machine and did 3 miles in about 40 minutes. I forgot my iPod though, and had to listen to the much younger people talk about the red sox while I tried to remain poker-faced, while breathing normally.

2 Yolks, Three Whites (broke a yolk en route)
2 strips turkey bacon

7 apricots
30 cashews
30 pistachios
6 oz 'lite' yogurt
medium dunkin donuts coffee.

head o'romaine
tuna salad
feta cheese
newman's caesar dressing

halibut a la emily
spincach with garlic
2 oz jalapeno lite cheddar

It's really a good thing that I went to the gym because I was nutsing-out today, and then cheesing out at night. There are some days I feel like if the food isn't hidden away in a closet I will devour it all in mere moments. I hope there aren't more days like that in the future. They are hard to bear. I keep thinking about Detecto. I must overcome. Just about two weeks away from the date, and a few days from my next trip. I also went to the gym tonight because it's now Wed. night and with the Monday holiday and rain today, there has been no chance for a Domania walk. Maybe tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I missed your blog last nite...went to bed early because of the long weekend. It does get harder as you get nearer your goal. But're so close. Love, Mom in the AM.