Friday, July 08, 2005

130: Still Sweatin'

Knowing what you can and can't eat is so crucial to adhering to your diet. On weight watchers, this often meant 'trading.' For instance, if I give up two breads, I can have some popcorn. On SouthBeach, it's really "these foods are good" and "these are not so good" and "these are out." It even describes what to do if you "fall off the wagon:" go back to Phase One. Initially, I thought "I'd never be able to go back to phase one," but now I realize, if it came to that, it wouldn't be so bad. But fruit is an essential part of my diet now and it would be a struggle. If I learned anything from the time on weight watchers, it was that if you're busy eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day you don't have time, the stomach room or the craving for the other sh*t that makes you fat, flabby or unhappy in the first place.

1 Mastemacher
1.5 Tsps Peanut Butter

12 oz coffee
1/4 cup mixed, unsalted nuts
6 oz yogurt 'lite'
~ cup strawberries
15 almonds

2 cheese sticks
1 joy stick
1 green salad

hamburger (made of pork)
sauteed peppers and onions

We took a brisk, although abreviated walk today with the (abreviated) Domania gang. We had developed a slightly longer route where we walk ALL the way around the river, from bridge to bridge (which I guess is about two miles) but we went on the short version because there was a scheduled meeting. I still broke into a sweat though, I keep wondering when am I not going to break a sweat on this walk? At lunch I got a scoop of tuna on my salad but it tasted SUSPECT so I chucked the tuna and just the plain, dressingless salad. To make up for the protein, I ate two cheese sticks and a joy stick, figuring it would all equal out. Who knows (but Detecto) anymore? Officially 15 days away from the goal date (which is a Saturday). Four days till the next Detecto run in.

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Anonymous said...

Of all the diets I think the South Beach is the most effective and the one that can be maintained the best. I even recommended it to a patient who has tried just about everything else. But I suppose it is a matter of timing too. You need to be ready. Count down to Detecto.Love, MOM