Sunday, July 31, 2005

153: Not Feeling That Well

This morning I found it hard to get up and I wondered if I had poisoned by eating at Bertucci's the night before, specifically hard-to-digest cheese and bread-filled meatballs. In any event, it certainly didn't slow down my eating too much.

2 Eggs Over Easy
2 Strips TB
1.5 oz 50% jalapeno lite cheddar
1 cup very strong coffee (12 oz)

1 6 oz yogurt
1 slice whole wheat toat with peanut butter

6 slices ham
1 cheese stick

Stirfry Chickena and Cabbage a la Emily
50 % Lite Jalapeno Cheddar

After Dinner Snack
1 cup mixed, unsalted nuts
1/2 bottle wine (yep)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay what are peppadews? You did get almost through the whole day without nuts. But if they are salt free I don't see a problem with them. Wine is wine. Love, MOM