Sunday, July 24, 2005

146: The Party Continues

Ruby's fifth birthday party was today, and aside from the anxiety of two parents who want everything to come off right (when it really didn't have a right to) there was lot of potential for bad eating. I had my usual breakfast, in the hopes that proper eating would help me keep my balance when it got to the shaky 'have some cake' or other difficult choice points. I made it through the day still on SoBe; but I have definitely had a volume issue here and there. I sidestepped many things: cotton candy; two kinds of birthday cake; and even some pineapple that looked inviting.

Two Eggs (one egg broke in the pan; the other broke upon exit; I was rushing)
Two Strips Turkey Bacon
2 oz 50% lite cheddar

Greek Salad
Cheese and Pepperoni off of three slices of cheese
2 Mini-Mops, 1 Slice Ham, 1 Slice Cheese

1/4 cup of mixed, unsalted nuts
3 oz Cheddar Cheese

1 Glass Red Wine (Actually it was a princess cup)
2 Shrimp
1 oz Chilean Sea Bass
Beef Satay
4 Boneless Spare Ribs
Cabbage Salad

I really like wine. If I can keep up my exercise, I think that's the thing that I might most like to have back on my diet. I'm not sure it's worth it. Today, after the party, I went shopping for suits (with my Mom) and I got two of them. I think I may have been down a suit-size since last time I was measured, but I realized that by buying these two suits, I was making a multi-year commitment to stay at my current size or better. Even after 146 days, that felt just a wee bit scary. I did it. I was ready, and I was confident. But I did think on it, and think "I better not gain one pound back." It did make it easier to skip dessert when I got home (for the third time that day).

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Anonymous said...

Had a great time visiting with you all. I didn't know buying new clothes would have this kind of effect but SoBe it! Remember the blue suit! Love, MOM
P.S. NO I still can't get a blogger name.