Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day 135: MacWorld Cometh

Another tricky day—not quite routine, but not exactly lounging around the homestead. I was up like normal with Ruby and off to school, but MacWorld not open till 11AM, so I WENT TO WORK OUT. (By the way I was the only man there). It is really unbelievable to me that I am now starting to cram workouts in when I have free time. This time previously went to watching TV or stuffing my pie-hole with greasy fried food. Took a break from MacWorld and ate at Legal's. Everything is sure very yummy there. Tonight there was also a film (Batman Begins), where for the first time in 135 days (or so) I allowed myself to have exactly 10 kernels of popcorn. It was really satisfying, but it was not, as I feared—irresistable.

2 Eggs Over Easy
2 Strips Turkey Bacon
1 Tsp Peanut Butter

1/2 cup strawberries
6 oz lite blueberrie yogurt
1/4 cup mixed, unsalted nuts
1 joy stick
1 granny smith apple
NEW-> 10 kernels popped corn

tomatoes with feta, romaine lettuce
halibut with spinach

Fava Beans 'n' Leeks
Squash 'n' Onions

Felt like a lot of food to eat today, but days that begin with a workout (not to mention walking the conference show floor) always seem to be like that. I must also add that I did not properly thank the people at Jennie-O in my list yesterday. They really helped me with that turkey bacon thing.

Lastly, I need to send out cheers of inspiration to three friends who have recently jumped on the SoBe bandwagon (you know who you are). Go, I say go!

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Anonymous said...

But what about the yolks this morning? So glad that the blog continues....Would you believe they sent me two chairs and no ottomans? Love, Anonymous