Thursday, July 28, 2005

150: Back to Boston

Though a night of Sushi-debauchery is prone to produce some middle-of-the-night tossing and turning, I survived and got up at very early so I could go to the gym at the hotel and work out on their elliptical trainer. I noticed that it was by the same company as the one back home, so it was pretty easy to just get on and go. Ironically, the TV was on (loud) a morning news show and I suppose as the only one there I could have changed it or turned it down. I did neither, just put on my ear pods and got to work—three miles, 40 minutes. I was going to try and do four miles but time did not allow.

Eggs and Bacon
Plain (non-fat free) yogurt with berries

Pastrami & Corned Beef Omelet
Cole Slaw
Diet Coke

1/4 cup Mixed Unsalted Nuts
30 Pistachios
5 Apricots

Fava Beans, Onions and Leeks
1 oz Peanuts
1 oz 50% Lite Jalapeno Cheddar

Another, big weird eating day. I got breakfast in my room and ordered the ham but got bacon instead. I had to push aside the delicious wheat toast and hash browns and orange juice that I did not order. Then later I found myself at the Carnegie Deli (one of NY's best delis, if not the best) and was somewhat flummoxed by what I should eat that did contain bread. I settled on more eggs, and wondered if this cholesterol thing might get me after all. Due to today's timing, lunch was at 11:30AM and so by the time I got on the plane at 1:30 I was quite hungry, and surprised at how much of the snack I could eat (I only had to give away my water crackers and snickers bar, but the large Russian man next to me was both grateful and surprised to get my bite-sized snickers bar). Back at the office for the next four hours I was still quite hungry, and this feeling did not leave me until I got home and had dinner. I am hoping to get back to a more normal amount of food tomorrow, and then next week (not next Monday) it's back to weighing in. So we'll see how I've survived this birthday-etc. week of feasting, and whether or not I have to rejoin my comrades back in Phase One.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad you're back home safe. Trust that the sushi dinner was worth it. You sound as commmitted as ever. Great! Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

A pastrami and corned beef omelet... sheer genius.