Thursday, March 16, 2006

Year 2, Day 17: Warburton's and Bagels

One of the things that I used to eat quite frequently was a corn muffin. More often that not, it was my muffin of choice. And of course, I thought I was being 'good.' Knowing what I know now, about both corn AND muffins I realize that that was just uneducated foolishness. But even at Magnolia's birth I remember getting a corn muffin at the Au Bon Pain in the ground floor of the hospital. I love their corn muffins; they have real corn in them (which of course makes them even higher on the glycemic scale). About 20 years ago when I used to work downtown, I used to stop at the Warburtons outside Government Center and get their incredible corn muffins, whose crispy on the outside (but moist inside) tops were two to three times the circumference of a normal muffin. Warburton's had taken over from a small coffee shop that had inhabited the place and inherited the 227 gallon capacity steaming kettle (it is fed steam continuously from the building's boiler room) that sits outside it. It was a real city landmark. Lamentably, it's been taken over, as has everything, by a Starbucks, whose sub-par quality baked goods are as curious as the long wait for service at 3 in the afternoon...

1 Slice Balthazar Multi-Grain Bread
4 Slices Ham
3 oz. 50% Jalapeno Cheddar

1/2 Whole Wheat "Everything" Bagel
with Light Cream Cheese
12 oz coffee (half decaf)

Lunch: Russo's ($5.41)
Red lettuce, red leaf, red onion
broccoli, celery, scallions
chicken, feta, oil & vinegar

Turkey Breast
Broccoli & Peppadews

During a three hour meeting today, I must admit I found myself hypnotized by the aroma of fresh bagels that a co-worker had brought for the meeting. As she is of like wants and healthy concerns, she got whole wheat bagels as well as regular. At the two hour mark, locked in the room with six people and eight bagels, I caved. I had half a whole wheat bagel, which I haven't done in the longest time. It was good. I felt as though I looked like one of those people having a sensual moment with a peppermint patty, or more recently, whatever that shampoo commercial was. I thought by eating a big breakfast I wouldn't be tempted, but I guess the lesson is: you'll always be tempted, it resisting temptation that's the trick.

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Mom said...

Hi, Your comments about the corn muffins which I love make me want to get right on an airplane and come to Boston...but of course they are not there any more and I'd love to come to Boston for other reasons as well. I find that eating only half of something really delicious is a good way to manage. You're still solid in my book. Love, MOM
PS: I'm enjoying the bread too!