Saturday, July 21, 2007

Year 3, Day 139: Ruby's Birthday Pary

or "What Didn't I eat?" I tried to start the day, my birthday and Ruby's party, on a solid note, but the comings and going of everybody, coupled with the anxiety of throwing a party and the abundance of food made it nearly impossible to stay on the program. Mostly it was just a volume issue, but I did keep the running around going all day. Fortunately, I learned a lot of lessons from last year, and so we avoided a lot of unnecessary anxiety. We also didn't have to worry about rain, since we got a beautiful day.

Kashi Go Lean!
Heritage Flakes
Unsweetened Soy Milk

all downhill from there

1/2 Grilled Chicken Burrito
1/2 Grilled Steak Burrito
1/2 Veggie Burrito

Assorted Things Eaten While Walking Around
2 oz Tostitos Chips & Salsa
Ass't Fruit

6 Pieces of Sashimi
Salad with Feta & Balsamic

1 Very Healthy Slice of Ice Cream Cake (chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and other stuff)

You know, at the end of the day, what could you do but eat ice cream? I ate it and just made my peace with it. I did realize that I heart multi-grain tostitos. They are hands down better than regular tostitos, and every other variation out there.

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