Friday, July 06, 2007

Year 3, Day 124: Trip to Upstate

The trip to Kingston always involves eating in the car, and too frequently too many nuts. Not only that, but when we get there we are nearly always awash in lots of food. It is a happy, but challenging environment. Then of course, there's always the Hollydome, where we stay, a mildewy old Holiday inn with the charm of an abandoned dorm room near a swimming pool. Ruby and I took a swim in the pool. At most hotels, the pool is in a separate room, where it is generally warmer than than the rest of the hotel, as evidenced by the thrilling whoosh of cold air you get whenever leaving the 'pool area.' At the Hollydome, the geniuses built in an indoor lobby and put the pool right inside it. This created a strange environment, where when dressed in clothes you felt the lobby was too warm, but when in the pool you felt every degree of icy air conditioning.

Kashi Go Lean!
Heritage Flakes
Unsweetened Soy Milk

1 slice banana cake

salad w white balsamic
bite of brie

on the road
almonds & cashews
more banana cake
1 cherry
1 bite of corn, cucumber
some peanuts

salad with walnuts

I brought my recent banana cake and Jane helped me understand what was wrong with by pointing out the 'crumb' and described the three tips to knowing when a cake is ready. 1. Toothpick comes out clean (everyone knows that one). 2. The cake pulls away from the pan edge. 3. There is a spring to the top of the cake. Very helpful, I will keep these in mind for my next cake.

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