Thursday, July 19, 2007

Year 3, Day 136: Wednesday at Ruby's Camp

We are working on content at work, which is excellent, because it's something I love. The thought that I would have a job where I actually got to do something akin to what I feel I am talented is was something I did not allow myself to think about for a very long time. Though some might say I performed by job adequately, there was little love or passion except that associated with trying to do your personal best. Now it seems as if I might actually get to write, and manage writers, which though headache-inducing, is something I love and have dreamt of doing since my last gig doing it, which was at Editorial Humor (V2).

Heritage Flakes
Unsweetened Soy Milk

Lunch: Russo's ($5.47)
Romaine, red pepper, feta
chicken, broccoli, mushrooms
balsamic vinegar, pepperocini

5 Sticks Beef Jerky
1 Entire Bag of Orville Redebacher Microwave Popcorn


Ruby's camp night. Rain, and magnolia crying a lot. I thought it would be a lot more than it was-- I thought people would talk to us and explain what's going on camp and why we should be delighted that our kids were there. No, it was just a moonwalk in the auditorium, cookies in the cafeteria, and beads in the arts and crafts room. Then a boy took Magnolia down, WWF-style when they were playing and she cried for 10 minutes until I took her to the playground she was looking at through the window of the room where she got hurt. Of course not knowing the school I went out through the boiler room, but she didn't care. I just kept telling her "we're almost at the playground."

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